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You’re already pushing your performance every single day, but something’s missing.

big win.

You need that edge,

that something

and someone

that other Competitors don’t have. 

Whether this is a new or recurring injury, I work to identify, treat and help prevent further and future injuries.

Injury Healing

When you need to change and change fast, I offer a detailed approach and a specific process that will get your body from A to B.

Body Composition

I problem-solve and fix the plateaus you’ve been experiencing so you can get back to performing at your best.

Peak Performance

I can turn any modification into maximum performance:
Philosophy changes like vegetarianism or veganism.
Medically-related diets.
Food intolerances or allergies.

Diet Modifications

Get higher performance and faster recovery with third-party tested supplements and innovative sports nutrition techniques I know work.

Enhancing Supplements 

In this era of pandemic protocol, I’m experienced in the solutions to fueling challenges during covid and can show you how to shift afterwards.

Navigating Covid


With 8 weeks until a fight for a monumental WBC belt, the athlete had to make weight, but had a history of serious challenges in doing so. When his choice was either dropping 25 lbs or being fined $100,000 for 1 lb over weight class limit, we needed to accomplish this body composition change quickly, while he was still heavy training and sparring.

I provided a professional boxer with fueling & body composition change protocols that allowed for enhanced training and recovery as he moved up the WBC rankings from #22 to #2 in the world.


Professional Boxer


The athlete lost the weight and was able to train with an energy level he had never felt before. He made weight and went on to win that fight and that belt. He was ranked #22 in the world and permanently hired me to be on his team for the next three years. He continued to win fights and move up the WBC rankings to #2 in the world, fighting for the World Championship.


Complete a thorough assessment of body composition.
Gauge caloric expenditure during a complex training schedule that varies day to day. 


I developed a personalized diet plan that:
Provided adequate calories for energy and avoiding injury.
Maintained muscle mass while decreasing fat mass.
Delivered critical nutrient timing for performance recovery & body composition change. 
Manipulated hydration and food for the final weight drop to make weight.

Over the next few weeks, I was there to support him through the process, enlisting a performance chef to deliver the diet prescription I had developed.


Performance decline and severe muscle cramping during hard practice sessions and competition.

after a sweat rate analysis & hydration protocol an NBA Player's performance, Energy, & focus immediately improved.


NBA player


The athlete’s cramping was alleviated and dehydration was minimized, which immediately generated positive performance outcomes. He experienced improved energy and focus throughout the entire game.


Find causes, assess and analyze sweat rate and composition.
The athlete was sweating ~10lbs/practice session with a high level of electrolyte loss.
Discovered additional fueling and recovery challenges due to an extensive travel schedule and long game days ending late at night.


A pre-hydration and hydration protocol was established to significantly reduce dehydration during high-intensity workouts and games.
Other solutions for effective recovery were provided.



frequently asked questions

Do you work with athletes at the professional level?

My practice has transitioned into working exclusively with high performance athletes. With decades of experience working with collegiate, olympic and elite professional athletes in a variety of sports, I know how to solve complex challenges to deliver results.

How much time will you spend with me as a client?

While team staff are stretched to serve the entire team, I focus solely on your care. My practice is a hybrid of consultative + concierge models which allows me to spend the focused time you need to collaborate and enhance your experience. After assessing your unique challenges and goals, I provide a breakdown of potential protocols and services that will meet your needs along with the estimated time it will take to get there. 

Will our work together be private and discrete?

The importance of your privacy can’t be understated. I work purely in a supportive, behind the scenes context unless you ask me to do otherwise.

How much will this cost? 

Each athlete I work with has very different goals and needs, so once we’ve assessed your specific situation, I’ll provide a full, detailed service breakdown of fees prior to a signed agreement.