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Sports Dietitian for High Performance Athletes



The misinformation, trends and one-size-fits-all approaches are costing you the results you need and the wins you want. You need someone who knows exactly what they’re doing to lead you out of the questions and into the answers.

As a High Performance Athlete with complex goals,

you don’t have time for anything less than an expert. 

Athletes Eat takes an experienced, highly-personalized nutritional approach to athletic performance.

Impactful Results for athletes of:

Linda was an integral part of the Windy City Bulls the past 3 seasons. Her individualized plans were crucial due to a few players with dietary restrictions including vegan and pescatarian, body composition changes, post-surgical challenges and need for increased performance and energy goals.

Linda provided numerous services including sweat testing and analysis, individualized nutrition plans and team lunch and learns where she gave an interactive talk on an array of different topics. Linda went above and beyond with our team and was available 24/7 for one on one appointments and check ins. She traveled with us to get a better understanding of the challenges of G League travel and helped devise a plan for travel snacks and healthy options in the different cities we visited throughout the season.

We saw a huge benefit with her protocol to enhance recovery in our post-surgical cases and implemented it with our non-surgical injury cases as well. Throughout our time working together our players saw a huge increase in performance on the basics of fueling, recovery and hydration. Linda is very passionate about her work and her clients and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase their performance.

Matt Comer, AT-C Chicago Bulls